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Sound for commercial videos

Mesh AI

Original music & sound design for a video of a tech startup.

To give a sense of warm and easy collaboration between the various departments of the product, we chose a warm and positive Contemporary music direction.

Client - Mesh AI


Hybrid music production & sound design for a video of a tech startup.

In this one, I chop an existing track aggressively and add sounds and parts of my own to create a custom soundtrack.


Client - Balance


Sound design for a teaser of a board game based on the film Aliens. As expected, a horror-style teaser from one of the biggest names I've got to work with.

Client - 20th century-fox


Original music & sound design for a video of a tech startup. 

To emphasize technological advancement and still keep the brand attractive, I composed a rough urban track with sci-fi elements.

Client - Manufuture


Sound design for a commercial for a games company.

this video mixes animation scenes with live-action that capture the escapism experience the game gives.My work was simply to bring life to that vision and keep the viewer hyped all along.

Client - Ludeo

Robot Quest Arena

Music production & sound design of a Kickstarter promotion video for a board game.

A fun and energized HipHop track featuring Marino "Rino" Lemons as the MC.

Client - Wise Wizard Games

Magnet Monkey

Original music & sound design are all tailor-made for a complete app game, one of my very first works. This is the teaser to the full game.

Client  - PineApple

Cube Monster

Sound design for a fun, frenzied and full of Pathos board game commercial video. It was particularly fun to create the monster voice using the narrator's voice and make all sorts of exploding sounds and rock-made tools.

Client - CrazyBox

Per Diem

The video makes an emotional connection with me, which is why its sound design is still one of my favorites. My job was to integrate digital elements into reality to illustrate the product and use Foley to enhance what you see. It's power is in its simplicity.

Client - Per Diem


Sound design for A cool video from a high-tech company.

The challenge here was to create tension and climax almost entirely through sound effects.

Client - Shield

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