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Mesh AI

Original music & sound design for a video of a tech startup.

To give a sense of warm and easy collaboration between the various departments of the product, we chose a warm and positive Contemporary music direction.

Client - Mesh AI

Production - LaserBee

Robot Quest Arena

Music production & sound design of a Kickstarter promotion video for a board game.

A fun and energized HipHop track featuring Marino "Rino" Lemons as the MC.

Client - Wise Wizard Games

Production - Kagan Productions


Hybrid music production & sound design for a video of a tech startup.

In this one, I chop an existing track aggressively and add sounds and parts of my own to create a custom soundtrack.

Client - Balance

Production - LaserBee


Sound design for a trailer of a fantasy board game that recreates the legendary PC game.

Client - Modiphius

Production - Kagan Production

Per Diem

Sound design for an advertisement for a tech startup.

Client - Per Diem

Production - LaserBee

Trouble In The Joungle

Sound design for a fun, award-winning dental clinic advertisement. I also dubbed the character's voices.

Client - H-Tooth

Production - Ofer Winter

Magnet Monkey

Music and sound design are all tailor-made for a complete app game, one of my very first works. This is the teaser to the full game.

Production - PineApple


Original music & sound design for a video of a tech startup. 

To emphasize technological advancement and still keep the brand attractive, I composed a rough urban track with sci-fi elements.

Client - Manufuture

Production - LaserBee


B2B tech company advertisement with an upbeat and amusing Sound Design.

Client - Substrata

Production - Plain Studio 


sound design for a classic animation video of a tech startup.

Client - Compete

Production - LaserBee

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