Sound Design

People of the book - Informational video

Sound Design for an informational video about Jewish and Islamic concepts.

The workers' restaurant | TV Show

Post & sound Design for the entire second and third season. The workers's resturant is a cooking show, broadcasts on channel 10 and Foodi channels in israel TV.


Contact information

Tal Steinberg


CoinMaster | Teaser

Post and sound design for a teaser of the game company CoinMaster. the video featured the superstars Rae Srummurd.

Ministry of Welfare | Promotional 

Sound design for a promotional video that explain the vision of the ministry of walfare.

Passover Seder| Informative video

Sound design for a video that demonstrate the steps in Passover Seder.

Leumi Bank | informative video

Sound design for an internal informative video for Leumi Bank.

Visual - Totemy Studio 

Mobileye  | Promotional

Sound design for a promotional video of Mobileye that explain the technological innovations of the company.

Showbox - Brandwise | Ident

sound design and composition for a graphical package ident.

Pango | Commercial

Sound design for a commercial which was screened in the cinema.

Hony| Animation short movie

Sound design and music edit for a short animation movie created by Daniel Cohen.


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