Jerusalem Municipality| Promotional 

One of five short videos of "Administrations". project by Jerusalem municipality that I composed and produced.

Shtainlits| Informative Video 

Musical Production for an informative video about the history of the Babylonian Talmud.



Contact information

Tal Steinberg


Magnet Monkey |  App game trailer

Composing music and creating sound effects for an App game trailer.

Cinema Cinematheque | Commercial

Composing 3 musical passages and sound design for a commercial published in Cinema Cinematheque.

ShowBox - Night | Graphic package 

Composition of a musical pad for a

graphic package.

Yanssen | Promotional Video 

composition and sound design a promotional video by Yanssen company.

Ussishkin Museum | Informative 

Musical Production for an instructional video which is screened in Ussishkin museum and tells the history of the place.

ShowBox - Main | Graphic package

Composition of a musical pad + ident  for a

graphic package.

Ferryboat | Promotional Video  

Composition of the main theme + Sound Design for a promotional video.

Showbox -Slick | Graphic package

Composition of a musical pad + Ident  for a

graphic package.


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