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Lost & Found

Original music & sound design for an award-winning animation video.

The film tells a minor story from the life of Yuval Harel, Foreshadowing a greater loss.

The main theme of the composition is drawn from the song "Agreement sealed in blood", which tells the tragic story of the confusion between the two Yuval Harels

Client - Beit Avihai

Production - Dov Abramson


This film tells in metaphors the tragic story of Amnon, the last child of his family that had been murdered during the Holocaust, only to live until he died in combat only when he was 20 years old.

To symbolize a fate from which it is impossible to escape, I composed music with only one chord that is never expanded upon.

Client - Beit Avihai

Production - Dov Abramson


Sound design for a student graduation video that is semi-biographical about his early life and the transformation into his alter ego.

Production - Or Gal

Passover Seder

The sound design of a looping video demonstrates the steps for the Passover Seder in a modern manner.

Production - Dov Abramson


Sound design and follis for a piece from the whole movie.

I processed audio tracks heavily to create a realistic sound of a running dog.

Production - Yehudit Shlosberg


Sound design for a student graduation video about surviving through the daily noise. This soundtrack is composed mostly of YouTube bites. 

Production - Itay Bern


Sound design of a creative advertisement for a recycling company.

Client - Lemon

Production - Daniel Cohen

I regretted it

Original Composition for a student graduation video.

A 3-piece film that needed a 3-piece composition that interacts with each other and conveys a dreamy, pensive, and naive feeling, connecting the narrator's inner world to the surface world.

Production - Noa Segal 

Open Book

Music & sound design for an educational video about the Babylonian Talmud.

For this one, I composed adventure folk music, highlighting the journey of the hero, and cultural folklore.

Production - Dov Abramson

Amdocs - Welcome

Sound design for a welcome screen to Amdocs company.

Client - Amdocs

Production - Eldad Einav

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